Friday, 30 August 2013

Drink up!

Doing any kind of voice work takes stamina, and any VO artist will tell you that it’s crucial to keep hydrated. Water is your best friend – hot or cold, whichever you prefer.

But what about other beverages? Here’s my opinion on a few:

Coffee: I love my morning coffee, but make sure I have my daily cuppa(s) and then brush my teeth BEFORE I get to work. See my photo (taken at The Sound Company, London) for the reason why! If you MUST have a cup at work, brush your teeth afterwards (or rinse your mouth out really well) and drink some water.

Tea: I never use it, so can’t really venture an opinion – but I imagine it is similar to coffee, particularly if you take it with milk. Speaking of which...

Milk: Really, just don’t. In my opinion, nothing makes you claggier.

Fizzy drinks/soda: I used to rely on Diet Coke for an afternoon boost – that extra shot of caffeine was just what I needed! I’m weaning myself off it now. I think having a soda during your lunch break can be okay – but beware of the burps later!

Juice: This can give you a much needed blood-sugar boost when you’re flagging – but follow it with a glass of water and a good rinse.

Why is it so important, you may ask? It comes down to one thing: TIME which converts to MONEY. You’re a professional - don’t make the job harder for your client! Nothing drives an editor crazier than having to nip out loads of extraneous mouth noise, smacks and clicks. Be a ‘clean’ VO.

Oh! I almost forgot one!

Wine/Beer/Spirits: I think you know the answer to that!! But after you’ve finished recording for the day – enjoy! - Lorelei