Monday, 21 November 2011

Remembering Mark Hall...

This weekend we received the sad news that Mark Hall, animator and co-founder of Cosgrove Hall, had died.

There are many articles that have been written about him in the past couple of days (Guardian, Telegraph and BBC among others) and about the wonderful series he made. 

He’ll be remembered for shows such as Danger Mouse, Count Duckula and Wind in the Willows, of course – but I’ll always remember him as a gentleman and a mentor.

Back in the 90s, I had done a lot of radio drama and commercial voiceover, but hadn’t quite cracked the animation thing. Then I got a play in Manchester at the Royal Exchange. I knew Cosgrove Hall was based up there, and on the off chance I sent a letter and a demo tape (Tape! Positively Jurassic!) to them.

I was amazed to get a personal letter back from Mark Hall himself, full of warmth and encouragement, inviting me to come and meet them when I was up there – which I did. That meeting led to many happy years working for Cosgrove Hall and so many fun times in Manchester recording with Mike McShane, Jimmy Hibbert, Rob Rackstraw in Avenger Penguins, and later on – also with Robert Powell - ‘Fantomcat’.

Being the only girl in the team, I had the chance to play a wide range of characters. Here are few clips:

I will always be grateful to Mark for giving me my start in an industry that I love, both as a cartoon voiceover and a writer (I sold my first script to Cosgrove Hall). I am so very privileged to have known him.