Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If it ain't broke... don't break it!

For a voice over artist, especially a beginner, the studio can be a minefield. All those wires, cords and boxes! Don't worry. You'll soon learn your way around. To help you on your way, here are some tips from the late, great voice artist Brad Lavelle on studio equipment etiquette....

“Don’t play with the studio’s costly equipment. Sound booths can be cluttered with cables. If some technical equipment is in your way, ask the engineer to move it, don’t do it yourself unless asked and never, ever touch the mic without being asked. 

Don’t spill stuff. Just about everything in the sound booth has a current running through it. Always be extra cautious of any liquids; you might be a great voice but you won’t work for the client again if you fry a couple of grand’s worth of equipment by knocking over your water glass. 

Don't blow your nose/cough/sneeze into the microphone. A good mic can cost over 2 grand and a well-aimed shot from your schnozzle can kill it. Tell the engineer first or just turn away from the mic.

Don’t wander away from the mic between takes, unless you know how to get back to exactly the same mic position. If you need to leave the sound booth, mark your space in front of the mic and when you return close all the doors tightly. Check with the engineer if they need to do another level check before you start again." – Brad Lavelle

photo by Razor512

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